Government Relations

AFP Government Relations Provides a Strong, Collective Voice

Advocacy traditionally has been part of the mission of nonprofit organizations. The sector has engaged in efforts to address poverty, disease and despair in local communities and throughout the world.

To accomplish these goals, nonprofits work to provide a strong, collective voice to inform and influence policy by reshaping public opinion, socio-cultural norms and values, and the institutions through which they operate.

Open communication and consultation between policy makers and constituents of nonprofit organizations contribute to well-informed policies and the effective implementation of them.

The Government Relations Committee contributes to these objectives by:

  • Tracking state and federal legislation that impacts fundraising

  • Directing members to local resources to hone advocacy skills and knowledge

  • Providing calls to action for AFP members

AFP International also provides the latest public policy news and offers members a quarterly public policy eNews.

Learn about the latest AFP public policy news and developments.

Are you already involved in advocacy?  The Independent Sector has compiled materials that highlight the economic value and diversity of the sector, as well as supply facts about the IRA rollover and the charitable deduction.  These documents can be used as reference materials and leave-behinds when meeting with elected officials.

Check out reference materials from The Independent Sector.

Interested in joining the AFP St. Louis Government Relations Committee? Contact [email protected]