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AFP St. Louis Receives the AFP IDEA Champion designation

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AFP St. Louis Receives the AFP IDEA Champion designation

As a societal shift has been slowly occurring in our country over the importance of diversity and inclusion, it is important to understand, that this shift represents more than just the idea of checking a box to say your organization has a certain percentage of diverse individuals working for it or that you support inclusion, but your leadership does not represent that. This shift represents the awakening that our society thrives when the ideas and cultural experiences of a diverse workforce is truly represented within an organization. Not only do organizations benefit from various cultural perspectives (creating a product or services that are impactful), but these same organizations end up addressing the challenges of acceptance and understanding of different cultures which has an internal and external ripple effect on our society. Unfortunately, many organizations still do not have training or a focus in supporting these differences.

AFP has been at the forefront of making sure our organization addresses the issues of diversity and inclusion, and that each of the local chapters are committed to the idea of diversity and inclusion. Therefore, the IDEA Champion chapter designation was established. The IDEA Champion is a designation bestowed upon AFP chapters that have shown a commitment to the principles of inclusion, diversity, equity and access (IDEA) in the fundraising profession, the philanthropic sector and throughout all of society. The acknowledgement of being an IDEA Champion is important to our chapter because as an organization that promotes the professional development of fundraising professionals, we must make sure that our own internal values are reflective of the needs and changes of the society we advocate for. It is through our development expertise that organizations can raise funds to support causes that fight for equality and access, it is our expertise that connects the vision and mission of an organization with the community partners who choose to stand and support the needs of others. So, our professional growth must be rooted in the ideas and principles of diversity and inclusion. And if we can not be the champion society needs, how can we effectively and impactfully raise money to advocate and support the needs of others.

It is from these principles and concepts that the St. Louis Chapter of AFP has once again been acknowledged as an AFP IDEA Champion for 2021. St. Louis is such a diverse community and knowing that not only as a chapter we are aware of the importance and need of diversity and inclusion in our region, but we are Champions in this fight as well.

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