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AFP St. Louis Receives the AFP IDEA Champion designation

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COVID-19 Resources for Non-Profits

Here is a list of resources for different topics surrounding COVID-19.
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What We Do

The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) is the professional association of individuals responsible for generating philanthropic support for a wide variety of nonprofit, charitable organizations. Founded in 1960, AFP (formerly the National Society of Fund Raising Executives) advances philanthropy through its nearly 30,000 members in more than 200 chapters throughout the world.

So that it can promote stewardship, donor trust, and effective and ethical fundraising, AFP:

  • Promotes consistent and high standards of professional practice to ensure donor trust and guard against abuses that can occur in the fundraising process. 

  • Requires members to comply with a Code of Ethical Principles and Standards of Professional Practice (known as the "Code") that is designed to provide concrete guidelines for fundraising professionals in philanthropic organizations. The Code is supported by an enforcement process managed by the AFP Ethics Committee. 

  • Was instrumental in creating and maintaining the Donor Bill of Rights, a document that outlines what donors have the right to expect from charitable organizations to which they contribute. 

  • Founded and participates in a partnership certification program through Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE), International. The CFRE credential, held by thousands of fundraising professionals, verifies experience and knowledge of fundraising and philanthropy. AFP also provides the Advanced Certified Fund Raising Executive (ACFRE) credential for senior professionals. 

  • Provides educational fundraising programs, including the annual International Conference on Fundraising; the Hemispheric Congress on Fundraising in Latin America; Leadership Academy; CFRE Review Course; and AFP Webconferences. 

  • Provides information through the Fundraising Resource Center, which houses a comprehensive collection of books, periodicals, speeches, and audio/visual materials on fundraising and the nonprofit sector. 

  • Encourages research on fundraising and philanthropy, including the annual State of Fundraising Survey, the sector’s first look at how organizations fared in their fundraising each year. 

  • Publishes a bi-monthly magazine, Advancing Philanthropy, which features current issues in philanthropy and a book series that covers topics related to fundraising and charitable giving. 

  • Raises public awareness and interest in philanthropy and charitable giving through programs such as National Philanthropy Day®, Youth in Philanthropy, and the AFP Awards for Philanthropy.

Services to Members

  • The AFP International Conference on Fundraising, held annually, draws more than 3,000 people from around the world and provides the ultimate networking opportunity through the many participatory workshops, leadership forums, round tables, plenary sessions, and social events. 

  • AFP PublicationsAFP eWire, a weekly email newsletter; Public Policy Updates and Action Alerts that provide up-to-date information on government relations/advocacy issues; and Advancing Philanthropy, a bi-monthly magazine. 

  • AFP Website, , provides members with all of the latest news, information, updates, and analysis from around the nonprofit sector, the fundraising profession and AFP. Through the AFP website, members can take courses online, participate in forums and online discussions, and renew their membership.

  • The AFP Fundraising Resource Center provides examples of chapter materials, such as monthly newsletters, sample job descriptions for staff and officers, budgets, mentoring programs, educational programs, membership recruitment and retention materials, and National Philanthropy Day® programs.

  • National Philanthropy Day® (November 15) celebrates the great contributions of philanthropy in every community, as well as those individuals who work in the philanthropic process. More than 110 National Philanthropy Day® celebrations involving more than 40,000 people are scheduled every year. 

  • Scholarship programs to ensure educational opportunities are available to all fundraisers. 

  • AFP Awards, including the Awards for Philanthropy, Awards for Excellence in Fundraising (sponsored by Campbell & Company), Chapter Awards, the AFP Award for Outstanding Achievement in Internet Fundraising, and the Skystone Ryan Prize for Research on Fundraising and Philanthropy, all of which are presented each year during the AFP International Conference on Fundraising.